(also see) Insurance

Insurance Summary

  • Get it in writing.
  • When your mover explains the terms of insurance, ask him or her to supply you that explanation in writing. Misconceptions regarding rates and deductibles will leave you helpless when it comes time to collect on a claim if you have not established the terms before the move.
  • The same advice goes for when you speak to your agent or broker who handles your tenants' home insurance policy. If you don't have it in writing you probably don't have the necessary coverage to make a move with your contents in someone else's care.
  • Have your agent prepare and fax you a letter to assure you that you truly are well covered on move day for any mishap that may occur.
  • Movers are required by law to provide a minimum coverage of at least sixty cents per pound per article.
  • At real replacement values, this is totally inadequate and really amounts to nothing when you have a total loss of our shipment.
  • Most movers insurance has a deductible.
  • You will pay more per thousand of you valuation for a lower deductible and less for the higher one.
  • Typical rates for cargo insurance range from about $2.50 per thousand up to as high as $8.00 per thousand.
  • Deductibles range from $100 to $1000 per claim.